Swedish Names starting with H

Swedish girl names starting with H. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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Swedish names have developed over a long period of time, connecting them to deep origins and a rich culture. The language of Sweden developed from the Germanic family and is connected to Norse mythology and Viking culture. Swedish baby names are quickly becoming the top, trendy choices for modern parents with newborn boys and girls. Even families with pets will love giving their cat or dog a rare name that has deep meaning and is connected to ancient traditions and culture.

All Swedish Names starting with H

HakanBoyFire, from the high dynasty, one who rules, emperor, high son.
HakonBoyChosen son, the highest son, chosen people, high son.
HaldenGirlHalf dane.
HalstenBoyRock stone.
HalvarBoyDefender of the rock, rock defender.
HampusBoyGod is merciful, god is gracious.
HansBoyGod is gracious, god is merciful, from the name john, god's gracious gift.
HaraldBoyRuler of the army, powerful man in the army, war chief.
HasseBoyGod is merciful, god is gracious.
HeddaGirlBattle maiden, battle war, fighting a battle, battle, female warrior, refuge in battle, vigorous fight.
HedvigGirlBattle maiden, battle, female warrior.
HeidaGirlNoble and serene, noble sort.
HeidiGirlNoble and serene, supermodel heidi klum, of noble kin, graceful and noble, honorable, noble sort.
HellaGirlDivine woman, gentle.
HelmerBoyThe wrath of a warrior.
HelmiGirlWith gilded helmet, stout protector, pearl.
HemmingBoyChanging shapes.
HenkaGirlRuler of an estate.
HenrikaGirlRuler of the house, home ruler.
HildaGirlBattle maid, battle, fighting a war, war, protector, noble, kind.
HildurGirlBattle, fighting a war.
HilleviGirlHappy in war, safe in battle, healthy battle, remains strong in battle.
HilmarBoyNotorious noble.
HjalmarBoyWarrior's helmet, fighter with a helmet, old danish name.
HolgerBoyIsland of spears.
HugoBoyBright mind, bright in mind and spirit, spirited, mind, heart or spirit, intelligence, spirit.
HuldaGirlEnduring or loving, weasel, endearing or loving, mole, woman with a tail.
HuldahGirlQuick as a weasel.