Swedish Names starting with G

Swedish girl names starting with G. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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Swedish names have developed over a long period of time, connecting them to deep origins and a rich culture. The language of Sweden developed from the Germanic family and is connected to Norse mythology and Viking culture. Swedish baby names are quickly becoming the top, trendy choices for modern parents with newborn boys and girls. Even families with pets will love giving their cat or dog a rare name that has deep meaning and is connected to ancient traditions and culture.

All Swedish Names starting with G

GaryGirlSpear carrier.
GeorgBoyFarmer, farming man, earth-worker.
GeraldineGirlMighty with a spear, rules with spear, ruler with spear, one who rules by the spear, ruler with the spear.
GilenGirlIndustrious pledge.
GittanGirlPowerful, strong, exalted one.
GjordBoyPeaceful and good, peace of god, god's peace.
GjurdBoyPeaceful and good, peace of god, god's peace.
GoranBoyFarming man, muntain dweller, mountain man, earth-worker, farmer.
GostaBoyStaff of the goths, staff of the gods, meditation staff.
GregerBoyVigilant watchman, awake or watchful, watchful, vigilant.
GudmundBoyGod is protecting.
GudrunGirlFriend in war, god's secret, battler, who knows the secrets of battle, divine wisdom.
GuillelmusBoyDetermined guardian.
GunborgGirlHelping in war.
GundaGirlFemale warrior, war-like, war, fight.
GundisGirlBattle maiden, battle goddess.
GunhildGirlBattle in war, war, battle.
GunillaGirlBattle maiden, battle in war, war, battle.
GunvorGirlAlert in war.
GusBoyDiminutive form of gustav or angus or august, various, watchful, vigilant.
GustafBoyStaff of the goths, meditation staff.