Swedish Names starting with E

Swedish girl names starting with E. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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Swedish names have developed over a long period of time, connecting them to deep origins and a rich culture. The language of Sweden developed from the Germanic family and is connected to Norse mythology and Viking culture. Swedish baby names are quickly becoming the top, trendy choices for modern parents with newborn boys and girls. Even families with pets will love giving their cat or dog a rare name that has deep meaning and is connected to ancient traditions and culture.

All Swedish Names starting with E

EditGirlProsperous in war, fighting to be rich, wealth, fortune and strife.
EdlaGirlPrincess, noble.
EdvardBoyWealthy guardian, wealthy guard, wealth protector, guardian of prosperity.
EdvinBoyRich or wealthy friend.
EgilBoyEdge of the sword, pledge, respect, horror, awe inspiring, sword.
EinarBoyLone warrior, one who fights alone, warrior, leader.
EiraGirlSnow, merciful.
ElinGirlNymph or light, form of helen, torch of light.
EliseGirlGod is my oath, promise of god, consecrated to god - elizabeth, consecrated to god.
EllaGirlForeign, young girl, sympathy, compassion, beautiful fairy-woman, elfin.
EllinorGirlLight, sympathy, compassion.
ElofBoyForever heir, forever inheritor, lone descendant, ever-heir.
ElsaGirlNoble, rescued by percival, god is my oath, short form of elizabeth, promise of god, joyful.
ElufBoyEternal heir, lone descendant.
EmblaGirlElm, elm tree, uncertain, perhaps 'elm tree.
EmelieGirlCompetitor, rival.
EmmaGirlIndustrious, universal, universal woman.
EnokBoyDedicated or faithful.
ErikBoyEternal ruler, always ruler, ever powerful, all-powerful ruler.
ErlingBoyNobleman's son, descendant, nobleman's offspring.
EsbenBoyGod bear, god of bears, bear god, divine bear.