Swedish Names starting with A

Swedish girl names starting with A. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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Swedish names have developed over a long period of time, connecting them to deep origins and a rich culture. The language of Sweden developed from the Germanic family and is connected to Norse mythology and Viking culture. Swedish baby names are quickly becoming the top, trendy choices for modern parents with newborn boys and girls. Even families with pets will love giving their cat or dog a rare name that has deep meaning and is connected to ancient traditions and culture.

All Swedish Names starting with A

AckeBoyPeace of the father, my father is peace.
AdaGirlWealthy, noble and serene, ornament, noble, happy, graceful and noble, kind, ornamental.
AdelBoyBrave, noble.
AdimaBoyNoble, famous.
AdolphusBoyNoble wolf, distinguished or strong wolf.
AgathaGirlGood, virtuous, good-hearted.
AgdaGirlGood, good-hearted.
AgnesGirlPure, chaste, sacred, lamb, gentle, holy.
AgnetaGirlPure, sacred, chaste.
AimeryGirlIndustrious ruler.
AkeBoyForebear, sword.
AlberBoyQuick mind.
AleitGirlNoble kind, of the noble sort, noble sort.
AlfdisGirlGoddess, divine woman.
AlfhildGirlBattle of elves, elf battle.
AlfonsyneGirlNoble and ready, prompt, all struggle.
AlgotBoyNoble geat, old swedish, old danish and modern form of algautr.
AliciaGirlTruthful, of noble kin, noble, graceful, truthful & noble, noble woman.
AloysiaGirlFamous warrior, famous in war.
AlvaBoySublime, fair complected, female elf, elf.
AlvarBoyArmy of elves, elf warrior, army of the elves.
AlwinBoyNoble friend, beloved by all.
AndersBoyManly, son of andrew, virile, man, warrior, strong.
AndirsBoyMan, warrior.
AnikaGirlGrace, gracious, merciful.
AnjaGirlGracious, merciful.
AnnikaGirlGracious, merciful.
AnsgarBoyFrom germanic elements ans - god & gar - spear, spear of god, spear of the gods.
AntonettaGirlPriceless, inestimable or praiseworthy, invaluable.
ArlaGirlPledge, eagle, farmer.
ArnbjorgBoyEagle, protection.
ArvidBoyThe eagle's tree, eagle of the woods, brave warrior, tree of the eagle, wanderer, tree of eagles.
ArwedBoyEagle of the woods.
AseGirlGod-like, god, tree-covered mountain.
AslogGirlWoman engaged to god, betrothed woman.
AstaGirlLove, bright as a star, divine beauty, a star.
AstridGirlBeautiful goddess, god's strength, divine beauty, divine strength, star.