Swedish Girl Names

Discover the popular Swedish girls names that modern parents love. These options are deeply connected to culture, tradition, and history, making them great for babies or even dogs and cats.

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50 Most Popular Swedish Girl Names

1stEmmaIndustrious, universal, universal woman.
2ndSarahPrincess, lady-like.
3rdMiaWished for child, of the sea or bitter, rebellious woman, mine, beloved.
4thEllaForeign, young girl, sympathy, compassion, beautiful fairy-woman, elfin.
5thCharlotteLittle and womanly, free, free woman, little and strong, little & strong, petite, feminine, strong, brave.
6thSophieWisdom, wise one.
7thMikaelaWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
8thElsaNoble, rescued by percival, god is my oath, short form of elizabeth, promise of god, joyful.
9thSofiaWisdom, wise one, wise.
10thChristinaFollower of christ or anointed, follower of christ, christian woman, christian, annointed.
11thHeidiNoble and serene, supermodel heidi klum, of noble kin, graceful and noble, honorable, noble sort.
12thAliciaTruthful, of noble kin, noble, graceful, truthful & noble, noble woman.
13thMatildaMother of merlin, mighty battle maiden, battle strength, powerful and mighty in battle.
14thClaraBright or clear, illustrious, bright and clear, clear, bright, famous.
15thEliseGod is my oath, promise of god, consecrated to god - elizabeth, consecrated to god.
16thMarinaSea maiden, a city in california, of the sea, from the shore, from the god mars.
17thKarinaBeloved, maiden, pure, chaste, dear little one.
18thBarbaraForeign or stranger, stranger, foreigner, strange, foreign, the stranger, chatter of foreigners.
19thAdaWealthy, noble and serene, ornament, noble, happy, graceful and noble, kind, ornamental.
20thAnikaGrace, gracious, merciful.
21stAnnikaGracious, merciful.
22ndKristinaFollower of christ, christian, christian woman.
23rdAstridBeautiful goddess, god's strength, divine beauty, divine strength, star.
24thAgnesPure, chaste, sacred, lamb, gentle, holy.
25thRitaPearl, a pearl.
26thCamillaYoung ceremonial attendant, perfect, priest's attendant, attendant, young, virginal, unblemished character, ceremonial attendant.
27thIngridBeautiful or fair, ing's beauty, beautiful goddess, a meadow, hero's daughter.
28thVirginiaPure, state in the usa, virginal, virgin woman.
30thDahliaFlower named for botanist a. dahl, dahlia flower, dweller in the valley.
31stAgathaGood, virtuous, good-hearted.
32ndHildaBattle maid, battle, fighting a war, war, protector, noble, kind.
33rdCarinaMaiden, beloved or dear, pure, dear one, dear little one, beloved.
34thDellaBright, of the nobility, graceful and noble, noble and serene, small valley, of nobility.
35thGeraldineMighty with a spear, rules with spear, ruler with spear, one who rules by the spear, ruler with the spear.
36thKiaHill, christian woman, follower of christ.
37thElinNymph or light, form of helen, torch of light.
38thWillaResolute protector, feminine form of will, will to protect, will, desire, fierce protector.
39thBrittFrom britian, exalted, lofty, powerful, strong, the exalted one.
40thKarinPure, chaste.
41stFridaPeace, woman of peace, lovely, elf strength.
42ndUlricaRuler of all, powerful through his inheritance.
43rdRoselleRose blossom, rose, beautiful flower.
44thKatrinPure, virginal purity.
45thCarinChaste, pure.
46thCillaBlinded, ancient.
47thNeaLike a twinflower, twin, flower.
48thJonnaGod is gracious, god is merciful.
49thLoveAffection, full of love, love, female wolf, famous warrior.
50thGudrunFriend in war, god's secret, battler, who knows the secrets of battle, divine wisdom.