Swedish Girl Names starting with M

Swedish girl names starting with M. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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All Swedish Girl Names starting with M

MaganPearl, competant, power.
MajOf the sea or bitter, a pearl.
MajkenDiminutive form of mary, rebellious woman.
MalinWoman of magdela, woman from magdala, woman of magdala.
MarenBitter or sea of bitterness, pearl, from the shore, bitter.
MarinaSea maiden, a city in california, of the sea, from the shore, from the god mars.
MaritPearl, mistress, lady.
MarnaFrom the shore, of the sea.
MatildaMother of merlin, mighty battle maiden, battle strength, powerful and mighty in battle.
MiaWished for child, of the sea or bitter, rebellious woman, mine, beloved.
MikaelaWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
MoaMother, she is mother.
MyForm of mary, rebellious woman, pretty, beloved.