Swedish Girl Names starting with A

Swedish girl names starting with A. Whether you need a charming, unique name for your baby or want a cool name for your dog or cat, Swedish names are a good option.

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All Swedish Girl Names starting with A

AdaWealthy, noble and serene, ornament, noble, happy, graceful and noble, kind, ornamental.
AgathaGood, virtuous, good-hearted.
AgdaGood, good-hearted.
AgnesPure, chaste, sacred, lamb, gentle, holy.
AgnetaPure, sacred, chaste.
AimeryIndustrious ruler.
AleitNoble kind, of the noble sort, noble sort.
AlfdisGoddess, divine woman.
AlfhildBattle of elves, elf battle.
AlfonsyneNoble and ready, prompt, all struggle.
AliciaTruthful, of noble kin, noble, graceful, truthful & noble, noble woman.
AloysiaFamous warrior, famous in war.
AnikaGrace, gracious, merciful.
AnjaGracious, merciful.
AnnikaGracious, merciful.
AntonettaPriceless, inestimable or praiseworthy, invaluable.
ArlaPledge, eagle, farmer.
AseGod-like, god, tree-covered mountain.
AslogWoman engaged to god, betrothed woman.
AstaLove, bright as a star, divine beauty, a star.
AstridBeautiful goddess, god's strength, divine beauty, divine strength, star.