Swedish Boy Names

Discover the popular Swedish boys names that modern parents love. These options are deeply connected to culture, tradition, and history, making them great for babies or even dogs and cats.

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50 Most Popular Swedish Boy Names

1stWilliamResolute protector, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection, will, desire, a strong and resolute protector, determined guardian, valiant protector.
2ndJoelGod is willing, god will be willing, all powerful god, the lord is god, jehovah is god, yahweh is the prophet of god.
3rdValentinStrong, healthy or strong, strength, health, hale and healthy, healthy, brave.
4thVincentConquering, victorious, the one who conquered, conqueror, victor.
5thHugoBright mind, bright in mind and spirit, spirited, mind, heart or spirit, intelligence, spirit.
6thRubenBehold or a son, behold a son, a son, behold, see my son.
7thStefanCrowned or crown of laurels, crown, man with crown.
8thErikEternal ruler, always ruler, ever powerful, all-powerful ruler.
9thCasperTreasurer, king of the treasure, horseman, treasure master.
10thWarrenA game preserve, loyal, guard, from la verenne, to preserve, general, warden, game keeper.
11thGusDiminutive form of gustav or angus or august, various, watchful, vigilant.
12thJonGod is gracious, form of john or diminutive form of jonathan, god gives, god's gracious gift.
13thHansGod is gracious, god is merciful, from the name john, god's gracious gift.
14thSvenYouth, boy, young man, lad.
15thSorenStern or strict, thunder, severe, austere, severe or grim, war.
16thLarsCrowned with laurels, person from laurentum, city of laurels, man from laurentum, laurel.
18thNilsVictory of the people, people's triumph, champion.
19thCaspianFrom qazvin, iran, caspian sea, the caspian sea, the largest inland body of water in the world, lying between russia and asia.
20thRolfWolf councel, wolf counsel, famous wolf, legendary wolf, wolf fame, praise wolf.
21stWaldoGod's power, a ruler, rule.
22ndBoTo dwell, living, wave-like, waves, handsome, commanding, to have a household.
23rdClausVictory of the people, the conquering people, victorious people.
24thJorgenFarmer, farming man, earth-worker.
25thJanneGod is merciful, god is gracious.
26thGuillelmusDetermined guardian.
27thAlwinNoble friend, beloved by all.
28thEdvardWealthy guardian, wealthy guard, wealth protector, guardian of prosperity.
29thErlingNobleman's son, descendant, nobleman's offspring.
30thHaraldRuler of the army, powerful man in the army, war chief.
31stJoranFarmer, farming man, earth-worker.
32ndLindellValley of the linden trees, from near a lime tree.
33rdMalinLittle warrior.
34thNelsVictory of the people, chief.
35thOrrinThe name of an english river, green, river.
36thAlvaSublime, fair complected, female elf, elf.
37thMikelWho is like god?.
38thOskarJumping fighter, spear of the gods, loves deer.
39thPavelSmall, small and humble, little, little one.
40thKalleStrong and manly, man, free man.
41stAdelBrave, noble.
42ndAdolphusNoble wolf, distinguished or strong wolf.
43rdAlvarArmy of elves, elf warrior, army of the elves.
44thAnsgarFrom germanic elements ans - god & gar - spear, spear of god, spear of the gods.
46thGeorgFarmer, farming man, earth-worker.
47thLindbergFrom the linden tree mountain, hill with lime trees on it, lime tree mountain.
48thPeerRock, glory, luxury.
49thPerRock, rock or stone.
50thValdemarFamous ruler, famous rule, ruler.